Some of your Questions:

Q. How does Tyre Runner work?

Tyre Runner compares thousands of tyres across dozens of retailers both online and offline. We combine all this data together and make it easy for you to search and filter to find exactly the tyre you want. 

Q. Why do you not Compare My Tyre Size?

We compare 98% of the top car tyre sizes sold in the UK. However, if you have a special size of tyre that we don't support on the website, drop us an email and our team will happily respond with a list of deals. Email us at

Q. What does xl mean on tyres

XL or Extra Load means the tyre has been specially created to withstand greater load pressure than standard tyres. View our Ultimate Guide to Reinforced and XL Tyres over here for all you need to know on XL, Extra Load and reinforced tyres.

Q. How do you make money?

Tyre Runner operates by matching customers with our partner retailers. Some of these partners pay us for introducing you, allowing us to keep the lights on and pay for pesky things like servers and drinks for the developers. Please see our privacy and T&C's for more information