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Compare and Buy Uniroyal Uniroyal Rallye tyres Online - From £96.99

Uniroyal was founded by Oscar Englebert, a Belgian artillery officer. He started out with a rubber goods shop in Liege in 1868. With his son working with him, the business grew and they began creating tyres for horse-drawn vehicles and bicycles, and then later, tyres for motorised vehicles too. The first ever tyre to not need changing during the Le Mans 24hr race was an Englebert / Uniroyal tyre. When Englebert invented a new zigzag tread pattern in 1914 , the brand really took off and so a union was formed between Englebert tyres and US Rubber. The company created was named Uniroyal-Englebert, but became simply Uniroyal a decade later. Uniroyal specialise in tyres for wet weather conditions.

Most Popular Uniroyal Tyre Models

Here is the most popular Uniroyal tyre models for sale today!

UniRoyal 195/80/15 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye H (96)
From £105.99

UniRoyal 235/70/16 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye H (106)
From £96.99

UniRoyal 235/75/15 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye XL T (109)
From £115.99

UniRoyal 255/60/17 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye V (106)
From £141.99

UniRoyal 255/65/16 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye H (109)
From £116.99

UniRoyal 265/70/15 tyre deals:

Uniroyal Rallye H (112)
From £156.99

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