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When you’re looking for 4x4 tyres, you’ll be wanting a good deal, and there are some great offers out there for those wanting cheap 4x4 tyres or for people who’d like the very best tyres at the lowest possible price. However, it’s important to understand what type of 4x4 tyres you need before you make a purchase and order tyres that aren’t perfectly suited to your needs.

Let’s make a comparison. You may choose different tyres depending on the weather conditions, so you’d go for winter tyres when it’s icy and summer tyres when the weather is fine. Then there’s the compromise of all season tyres for those of us who don’t really do a lot of winter driving and don’t want the hassle of swapping tyres over twice a year. With 4x4 tyres it’s a similar issue, but instead of tailoring your tyres for the weather, you need to tailor them for the terrain. If you use your 4x4 SUV simply for driving to the shops or on the motorways, then you don’t need tyres that take advantage of the off-road capabilities of your vehicle. So if this sounds like you, you need 4x4 on-road tyres.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are 4x4 off-road tyres. These are ideal for mud terrain and so if you live down a dirt track or you regularly use your vehicle off road, perhaps in farm fields, then these would be the tyres of choice. Due to the tread pattern, these tyres can prevent you from becoming stuck in mud as the treads don’t so easily clog up and subsequently lose friction.

The final option is the middle of the road choice, for those drivers who may occasionally venture off road, but predominantly stick to ordinary road usage. For you, all terrain tyres would be best suited. As the name suggests, these tyres are specifically made for driving on all types of terrain.

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So now you know exactly what type of 4x4 tyres you need, you can begin searching for your ideal tyres at the right type. Compare prices and find yourself a bargain.

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4X4 Tyres tyre deals

FAQs about 4X4 Tyres tyres

Here is the most popular questions on 4X4 Tyres tyres

Q. What pressure should my 4x4 tyres be?

For on-road driving you should use the standard pressures recommended for your vehicle. For off road driving it’s a good idea to alter the pressure for the terrain. This will usually mean lowering the pressure, particularly for soft mud.

Q. Do I need winter tyres on a 4x4?

Yes, while the vehicle itself will have a great capacity for good traction, without the right tyres to complement that traction, the extra capabilities of your 4x4 vehicle are wasted.

Q. Do 4x4 cars wear their tyres more?

Yes, with the increased rolling resistance of 4x4 tyres, the rubber does wear away faster than standard road tyres.

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Here is the most popular 4X4 Tyres tyre deals!

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