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Budget tyres

As the name suggests, budget tyres are the cheapest type of tyres you can buy. If you’re short of cash and need a new tyre, then a budget tyre will be the most affordable. We can’t always know when we’ll need to replace a tyre, if we get an unexpected puncture for example, and so we can’t always budget for such eventualities. In this case, with little cash to spare, a budget tyre is a far better option than going for a part worn or re-tread tyre which is unlikely to last long and could even be dangerous. While budget tyres are always better than part worn, they will not have went through the same levels of testing or research and development as Mid-Range Tyres of Premium Tyres

Steer clear of part worn tyres

It is definitely advisable to opt for a budget tyre and avoid part worn. The problem with part worn tyres, is, while it may look like there is life left in the tyres, you simply don’t know the history of the tyre and it could be damaged. Small pieces of glass or nails in a tyre can cause a blow-out and that could cause a serious accident. It’s just not worth the risk. With a budget tyre, while it isn’t going to be the best quality tyre, you at least know it’s brand new and hasn’t suffered any damage that you don’t know about.

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Budget tyres tyre deals

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205 / 55 R16

Budget tyres

225 / 45 R17

Budget tyres

225 / 40 R18

Budget tyres

225 / 45 R18

Budget tyres

195 / 55 R16

Budget tyres

225 / 50 R17

Budget tyres

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