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Whether we drive the latest sports cars or we nip around town in our faithful old banger, we all have one thing in common, and that is the fact that we want the best deal when it’s time to buy new tyres. You’ll find a wide range of London-Taxis-Int tyres available, so it’s well worth shopping around to find the best deal. You may be simply replacing one worn tyre, but remember, if you’re swapping from summer tyres to winter tyres, or vice versa, you need to change all your tyres as it’s unsafe to mix summer and winter tyres. It’s worth it though, those winter tyres with their unique tread design give much more grip in winter, making driving in bad conditions safer. This gives you good peace of mind if you have no choice but to drive when the weather gets particularly bad.

Don’t leave it too long

If you’re now looking into buying a new tyre because your tyres are worn and the tread depth is on or under the legal limit, don’t hesitate or put it off until later. The safety of your vehicle is drastically reduced when you’re running on worn tyres, and if you’re stopped by the police you could end up with a fine and points on your license. The fine and points are given per tyre, so the more worn tyres you have, the worse the potential outcome!

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So which tyre manufacturer should you opt for? Well that’s really up to you. Of course you’ll find a difference in price between the very cheapest tyre manufacturers and the prestige top of the range options.

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