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Fuel-Efficient tyres

With the world becoming more and more environmentally cautious, tyre manufactures and EU regulators have really upped their game in recent years to give us drivers more choices when it comes to the efficiency of our tyres. So whether it's an EV, a Hybrid or a big V8 ICE car getting a tyre that is fuel or energy efficient can really make a difference to your pocket and the environment over it's lifetime.

What are fuel efficient tyres?

Technically fuel efficient tyres are those which have a low rolling resistance, or in simple terms tyres that take waste less energy while transferring motion to the ground!

Fuel efficient tyres can also be called energy saving and eco friendly tyres, but they are all designed to consume less fuel. This in turn means fewer emissions, or less electricity and more range if you have an EV. The most efficient eco friendly tyres have the lowest rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and less energy lost. Fuel efficient tyres are designed to keep the tyre tread intact for longer. 

Rolling Resistance or Fuel efficiency categories are a main part of the UK and EU tyre energy performance label. Fuel Efficiency start from A (green) and as of May 2021 ends with E (red). Class A is the most efficient, while class E is the weakest of the seven categories

Check the pressure!

To get the most out of your eco tyres, it's also very important to keep fuel-efficient tyres accurately inflated so they work at their best. That why we've created a Tyre Pressure Search Tool to help you find the correct tyre pressure for your car.

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Fuel-Efficient tyres tyre deals

FAQs about Fuel-Efficient tyres tyres

Here is the most popular questions on Fuel-Efficient tyres tyres

Q. How do fuel efficient tyres work?

Fuel-efficient or eco tyres work by reducing rolling resistance, which means the car uses less energy to move when it connets with the road. These tyres are made from a special compound that offers a good balance between grip for braking, steering and cornering but also minimises drag as it rolls along - usually you can't have all three. Low rolling resistance is achieved by features of the tyres design like the tread pattern, weight of the tyre, and the shape of the tyre to reduces aerodynamic drag.

Q. The benefits of fuel efficient tyres

For every 4.5 litres of fuel you put in your car, a full 1 litre is directly related to tyres. So with a saving of up-to 10% over a more conventional tyre, fuel efficient eco tyres can really make a difference over their lifetime. More simply put, do you fancy 1,000+ free miles each year? Some would say that's an investment not a cost!

Q. How do I identify which tyres are the most fuel efficient?

Fuel efficiency categories are a main part of the UK & EU tyre energy performance label. Fuel Efficiency start from A (green) and as of May 2021 ends with E (red). Class A is the most efficient, while class E is the weakest of the five categories. New tyres come with the labels attached, and all reputable website (like Tyre Runner of course) display the label values at point of purchase.

Q. Do I need fuel-efficient tyres for my EV?

EV's tend to be heavier and produce more torque than their ICE counterparts; hence fuel efficient tyres with a low rolling resistance are even more important to maximise that all important range!

Most Popular Fuel-Efficient tyres Tyre Size

Here is the most popular Fuel-Efficient tyres tyre deals!

205 / 55 R16

Fuel-Efficient tyres

225 / 45 R17

Fuel-Efficient tyres

225 / 40 R18

Fuel-Efficient tyres

225 / 45 R18

Fuel-Efficient tyres

195 / 55 R16

Fuel-Efficient tyres

225 / 50 R17

Fuel-Efficient tyres

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