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What are Runflat Tyres?

Run flat tyres are specially manufactured with strengthened sidewalls, so that if/when you have a puncture these types of tyre remain at least partly operational. This allows you to drive safely back home for a distance of up to 50 miles and at speeds of upto 50mph giving you time to find a full replacement. We independently compare retailers large and small from Blackcircles to Kwik-fit to find you the best runflat tyre deals. We compare the widest range of quality run flat tyres from premium brands such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin and more!

Once you have selected your cheap runflat tyres, you will then be able to choose your preferred local fitter, mobile fitter or have the tyres sent to you mail order. If you are looking for a local tyre fitter or mobile tyre fitter you can even book an appointment time that suits you. Order your new run flat tyres now for a cheap and easy tyre fitting service, and find out why we make tyre buying easy!


For those of you who like to do a little research before buying, we have compiled some further reading in the complete guide to runflat tyres over here. Runflat tyres offer many benefits, however there are compromises and disadvantages to runflat tyres too. As always our advice is independent of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers - we are 100% independent and transparent with our tyre buying advice.

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Runflat Tyres tyre deals

FAQs about Runflat Tyres tyres

Here is the most popular questions on Runflat Tyres tyres

Q. Can run flat tyres be repaired?

BSAU159 if the standard that governs tyre repairs, and while run flat tyres technically can be repaired, in reality they often can't. When looking to repair a run flat tyre the tyre technician will perform an additional check over that of a normal check - does the tyre exhibit 'the ring of death' a faint change in colour of the sidewall that means the tyre has been run on flat for a period exceeding it's safe operating limit of upto 50 miles for upto 50 mph. Often people with runflat tyres don't realise they have a puncture, resulting in them going over these limits and rendering the tyre unrepairable. But fear not, we at Tyre Runner will help you find the best deal on a new run flat tyre

Q. How do run flat tyres work?

Run flat tyres work due to a special structural element built in during manufacture that allows the tyre so maintain shape for a limited period of time, even when the tyre is de-pressurised. For the complete guide to run flat tyres and more detail on how they work see our guide at

Q. What does run flat tyres mean?

Run flat tyres are specially manufactured with strengthened sidewalls, so that if/when you have a puncture these types of tyre remain at least partly operational. At Tyre Runner we specialise in finding you the best deal on your next set of run flat tyres while explaining the benefits and disadvantages of run flat tyres.

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Here is the most popular Runflat Tyres tyre deals!

205 / 55 R16

Runflat Tyres

225 / 45 R17

Runflat Tyres

225 / 40 R18

Runflat Tyres

225 / 45 R18

Runflat Tyres

195 / 55 R16

Runflat Tyres

225 / 50 R17

Runflat Tyres

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