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Van Tyres

Vans come in many shapes and forms, and while an extra load car tyre may be suitable for your Ford Fiesta car derived van in some limited use cases - it is certainly not recommended. And when it comes to a larger panel vans such as a Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Citroen Relay or Peugeot Boxer they are most definitely going to require a tyre with an appropriate ply rating suited to the rigour of van life, such as 6ply or 8ply (C or CP rated) depending on the size and requirements of your vehicle.

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Van Tyres tyre deals

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Q. Can you put van tyres on a car?

Van tyres are specially reinforced for the rough environments in which they operate and they will usually have speed ratings more appropriate for a van... While it may fit, it’s probably worth getting something a little more suitable. If these tyres were a pair of jeans would you wear the wrong cut?

Q. Do van tyres make a difference?

In short yes, and you don't need to be a racing driver to see and feel the difference. From increased lifespan, to better grip and stopping distance there is a huge difference between different tyres.

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